Asbern Proofing Press
Asbern Press (Peta)

Peta is a fantastic flatbed press with precision German engineering, distinguished by the oscillating drum head which allows for printing at non standard type heights.

Named for Peta Grady. 

Chandler & Price 7x11 Platen
Chandler & Price Platen (Ned)

Ned is a wonderful 7x11 Chandler & Price platen press. I saved him from a rusty death under a tarpulan, stripped and rebuilt he is the most wonderful press for printing handset type.

Named  for Ned McCann.

Ronai Proofer
Ronai Proofer (Gurney)

Gurney was made in Sydney Australia (and the Ronai company was still going the last time I looked). If you want a press to survive the zombie apocalypse then Gurney is the one. When every other piece of printing technology on the planet gives up in disgust, Gurney will soldier on!

Named for Nigel Gurney.

Kelsey Parlor Press
Kelsey Parlor Press (Mullins)

Mullins accompanies me to schools and events like the Lost Trades where thousands of people have printed for their first time on this gorgeous little Kelsey Parlor Press.

Named for Peter Mullins.


MES Etching Press (Scotty)

Scotty is a nice (unsophisticated direct drive) etching press that needed some elbow grease and TLC (in the form of a serious de-rusting).

I really want another HillDav as they are the best etching presses made in Australia (from my perspective) but Scotty is nice in the meantime. 

Named for Scott Bremner.


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