Hyun Ju Kim

In 2006 I went to India for MFA, printmaking at Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan. This was following by my undergraduate studies in painting at Dankook University in Korea 2005. After graduating in 2009 I exhibited works in England, Greece, India, Korea, Egypt, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and Pakistan. Currently live and work in Melbourne Australia.

My works has changed in each stage of my life reflecting the many emotions I faced along the way. Being exposed to different cultures and religions, inspired me as I call myself not just an artist but a tourist too.

My works are inspired from nature, culture, religion and people -draw sketches of nature, people, animals and places where people are belong and pray. I believe humans belongs to nature which makes me have a close relationship with nature and let myself to travel and explore the world then I could see more of it in different shapes of lives and states and forms.

Especially sometimes even though I couldn’t converse in different languages, people taught me how important it is that we can feel, understand and live together through invisible languages which are the language of nature. That’s my most important inspiration.

Though my journeys I draw different images and combine it with my imaginations which makes way for a new place which is my dream world.The drawings from real life consisting of places, people and events led to my final piece which combines everything in to the final print.