Lawrence Finn
b. 1969

Lawrence Finn was born in Nelson, New Zealand but grew up in Uvalde, Texas, USA; Balmain & Newtown, Australia; as well as various places in New Zealand. He Now lives and works in Central Victoria Australia but has lived in Glasgow, Scotland and in Germany.

Lawrence attended the East Sydney Technical College of Fine Arts at the age of 16, where he obtained an Art Certificate and Higher Art Certificate (in Printmaking). He went on to work for Michael Callaghan at the legendary Redback Graphics as a graphic designer, artist and screenprinter as well as a general studio hand. He worked at the Collage of Fine Arts Paddington, UNSW (COFA) as a print technician and then proceeded to study at the Sydney College of the Arts - University of Sydney to obtain a Post Grad Diploma in Printmaking. Lawrence sent a lot of time hanging out and printing at the Glasgow Print Studio in 1993-4. Lawrence also studied at the National Art School where he obtained a Masters in Fine Arts Printmaking. His masters thesis was on the topic of: The Sociological Origins of Arts Institutions in Australia.

Lawrence's initial rise to prominence was via the art director of the Dead Kenndys, John Yates who published him internationally in "Maximum Rock and Roll" as well as "Punchline" magazine.

In 1998, Lawrence founded the Actus Reus Press and managed to get his print work in the form of artists books into the National Gallery of Australia before he turned 21.

Lawrence taught and lectured at the TAFE (Enmore Design Centre, Billy Blue, Whitehouse School of Fashion) & University Level (UTS, Sydney University) for nearly a decade before moving into obscurity and embracing poverty in Central Victoria.

In 2013 Lawrence founded the HipCat Printery in Kyneton Victoria, in 2017 Lawrence moved the HipCat Printery to Newbury Victoria and purpose built a 90sqm printery with a gallery that opened in 2018.

Every now and then Lawrence decides he needs to put his work into various art prizes and competitions and occasionally does well out of doing so. He has a negative attitude to these prizes so isn't doing himself any favors by entering controversial prints and imagery in them.