Angle Lead Cutter

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Antique wooden type drawer which is no longer fit for use in the printery but can happily hold your nic nacs hanging from the wall.

This draw is one of many (and may not be the one that you get unless you specifically request it) so please select from the photos below... Photos to come! Soon! I promise!

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Chandler & Price Oldstyle Platen Press. Chase size is 12x9". Runs like a dream (in fact I really ought to be selling my 7x11"but I'm too nostalgically connected to it so I'm selling the better of the C&P presses).

This machine purrs when you run it. No breaks, no welds. Rollers are in great condition.


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Compositors setting stick

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Nakanishi hand rolled Offset Litho Press


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Various reglets and wood furniture in various lengths and widths.

Prices vary by quantity required but generally $20 will get you a sufficient quantity for your needs. Box displayed in photo would be $40 in quantity. Happy for you to rumage through the selection and pull the reglets and furniture most suitable to your needs.

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Western Proofing press in very good condition. Rollers are excellent.

Price is negotiable.

Removal and delivery responsibility of the buyer although I will offer up local contacts who can move the press if requested.

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Wooden Furniture Cabinet

This Cabinet is in good condition, solid tho there are dents and such.

All equipment is sold as is.

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