Regardless of the workshop you are attending you will need the following:

  • Sketchbook containing notes/ideas/concept for what you would like to create in the class. You might like to make a card or a small poster, a folder or a book cover... A zine, a print for framing.
  • HipCat has a decent quantity of wood and lead type. You can place words on the page. If you are feeling confident you can plan your work for multiple colors. The limits are time and experience; you are here to get that experience in an environment which is nurturing and well equipped.
  • Please bring a drink and snacks. A lite vegetarian lunch will be provided.
  • If you have long hair please tie it back or wear a hat. Just a precaution.
  • Please wear covered shoes. An apron will be provided.

Editioning papers are available at extra cost but you will be provided with enough artist quality paper to make a small edition of your work. Inks, solvents, equipment, lino, wood etc are provided.

Most of the inks and cleaning solutions are reasonably safe and used in such small quantities that as long as you behave safely with them, they will have no negative effects on you or the environment.

Printmaking is not normally a stressful activity and that is how we learn best and like it most!


Workshops are $310 for individuals and $520 for two participants.


564 Blackwood Rd
Newbury Vic 3458

I'm happy to pick up and drop off at the train station and you have a choice of three stations.

  • Woodend or Kyneton on the Bendigo Line
  • Ballan on the Serviceton line