Access Studio

The HipCat Printery offers artist access to individuals. This service is available after an induction workshop (Each press requires a separate induction and OH&S).

  • A deposit is required in case of accidental damage to equipment & is based on the machine and equipment you wish to use.
  • Some materials can be purchased from the Printery.
  • Alternatively we can assist you in the production of your work at a modest hourly cost. 

Artist Editioning Services

The HipCat Printery offers editioning services. Charges are given as a quote on each project.

  • We can edition Lino, Wood Engraving, Etching, Engraving, mezzotint or digital print. 

Artist Book Editioning

HipCat Printery offers "vanity" publishing services with integrity. If you wish to publish your own poetry or fiction we have reasonable terms for the production of high quality or zine standard artists books and editions.

  • Editions can be large or small, we can hand set type, produce photopolymer plates or produce the books digitally. 
  • Binding can be done in house or outsourced.