HipCat Printery is a cute and romantic printery that specializes in artist editioning and creative collaboration services. We are not a McPrintery, we value the unique, the creative and the collaborative!

We work with graphic designers, illustrators, art directors and all manner of creative professionals to produce the quality results that you won’t get from offset or digital printing.

For graphic designers (and budding graphic designers) we will take you and your ideas from computer to plate and print in a way that will make it as beautiful as it is satisfying to touch and hold.

For artists (and creative’s) we are fearless! We will show you how to create for print or we can take your ideas and do the hard graft for you!

We’re very Gutenberg and we offer workshops and demonstrations of printing techniques that are almost 500 years old. Schools and fairs love us and so do people who are interested in art that goes beyond silicon and plastic.

In spite of our healthy comprehension of the limits of technology we are not technologically challenged and we use computers and polymers when the results merit it!

We can teach you how to make plates by hand using wood (either engraved or cut) or introduce you to the mysteries of the lino block. Many will remember doing lino block cutting and printing at school; we promise you that we’ve come a long way since then and we can do things with lino that will impress.

HipCat Printery “will help you leave an inkspot in Australian art”